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The Issues in Your Agoura Home That Might Lead to Water Damage

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech consulting with a customer Our SERVPRO technicians can show you what you should look for to indicate a possible water intrusion in your Agoura home. Give us a call today.

SERVPRO Probes Water Damage Causes in Agoura Homes for Better Restoration

Water leaks happen at any time, causing significant damage in Agoura homes. Knowing the factors that leave a property predisposed to leaks and other forms of moisture intrusion can help develop a preventive plan or resolve the problems that develop faster. Common issues causing leaks include deteriorating materials, temperature changes, and blockages in plumbing systems.

The problems you notice in your Agoura home after water damage are the primary indicator of where the problem started. For example, the level of wetness indicates whether the source released a significant amount of water instantaneously or gradually. Significant moisture intrusions primarily arise from issues with roofing or plumbing systems. Other incidents leave minimal moisture. A professional team like SERVPRO uses several techniques to counter moisture accumulation, thus finding unique solutions for each case.

Likely Sources of Moisture Problems

  • Washing machine leaks from supply lines
  • Blocked drain lines
  • Clogged gutters
  • Condensate from air conditioners

The problems you blame for the unprecedented accumulation of moisture inside your home can develop instantaneously, but it builds up over time in many cases. For example, pressure builds up when drains clog, leading to rupturing, which sends water into unexpected areas, especially wall and floor cavities. Clogging is not a one-day event. Also, the blocked point may be far from the primary source of the problem. In many cases, disposing of oil by pouring it through a sink is the cause of many drain clogs. Solutions such as pouring in hot water only push the problem further from the entry point rather than resolving it.

Instantaneous Water Intrusions

Some changes happen quickly, triggering intrusion. Rapid temperature changes can leave pipes frozen, leading to cracking, which is an outcome of the sudden and rapid expansion of water in a line after freezing, thus exceeding the volume of the pipe holding it. Other instantaneous issues can arise when heavy debris such as tree branches fall on roofs or pipes are cut or punctured.

Water Damage Solutions

  • Stopping leaks
  • Extracting stagnant water
  • Drying wet materials
  • Deodorization

Whatever leaves your home wet, decisive and timely action is essential to remove the intruding water and address changes in the affected materials. Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians facilitate such timely action using standard equipment or specialized ones where necessary.

Water can settle on exposed surfaces like floors or reach cavity areas. Alternatively, highly porous materials like carpets absorb a significant percentage of the spilled water. Extraction from open surfaces is usually the easiest since we can readily mop an area or use a wet vacuum. Extracting moisture from cavities requires advanced skills and equipment. Skills are essential when creating openings like weep holes, vent holes, or making flood cuts since destroying materials unnecessarily is not ideal.

Specialized equipment plays a crucial role in managing moisture damage. Cavity-drying equipment like drying mats helps quickly remove wetness trapped beneath floorboards and tiles without requiring demolition. When our SERVPRO crews use the mats, we can prevent severe damages such as buckling or cupping floorboards. We have several other specialized types of equipment, including LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, to dry vast areas or ensure we diminish moisture in materials to any required level.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills provides the necessary resources to counter water damage at your home, "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (818) 991-6292.

Ways SERVPRO Helps Agoura Homeowners Limit Mold Damage Recurrence

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Mold damage on the corner of a white wall Call our experts as soon as you discover mold. We are available 24/7 to help stop the growth before the infestation spreads through your Agoura home.

Incorporating Preventing Steps during Mold Remediation Safeguards Agoura Homes

Molds cause significant changes in a home by affecting surface finishes, air quality, and weakening materials. Since mold seems to break out for no reason, you might feel that the problem might always be there once your property is affected. Proper remediation for your Agoura home must address sources of moisture, remove heavily contaminated materials, and not cover infested surfaces with paint.

In your Agoura home, mold damage can develop openly on surfaces or stay hidden by paint, wallpaper, or drywall. Dealing with surface mold is straightforward since mostly only cleanup is necessary. Stripping off any unsalvageable materials is also easy, unlike in concealed areas that require some demolition to reach the soiled areas. SERVPRO provides the resources needed to address contamination conveniently under all these circumstances.  

Recurrence after mold remediation can manifest in different ways, including full-blown growth or mild signs such as bubbling or chipping paint, wall surface discoloration, or irregular surfaces. The signs you notice can be determined by the remediation approach used. Bubbled, chipped or cracked paint is a sign that you did not perform complete remediation before covering the affected areas with a fresh coat of paint.

Cleaning moldy walls or floor surfaces requires:

  • Vacuuming to remove loose debris
  • Agitation through wire brushing or sanding 
  • Damp-wiping with detergents and antimicrobial agents
  • Drying by airing or dehumidification

The steps take care of different problems that might trigger new contamination after resolving the existing one. For example, vacuuming lifts off loose debris and spores preventing them from spreading from the contaminated area. Antimicrobial chemicals inhibit microbial growth processes while drying eliminates moisture, ensuring any spores that touch a surface remain inactive. 

Advanced Actions Against Mold

Cleaning moldy debris and soiling offers only partial relief, especially if your primary concern is new infestation. Physical removal of porous materials, if heavily contaminated, is necessary since mold penetrates beyond the surface, yet cleaning methods and biocides only touch the surface. Porous materials absorb significant amounts of moisture and might act as reservoirs since drying may not remove all the trapped wetness.

Porous materials to remove

  • Carpet and pad
  • Drywall and ceiling tiles
  • Insulation

Moisture management is a crucial aspect of mold remediation since mold spores, though omnipresent, remain dormant until there is sufficient moisture to activate them. One thing you might not realize about moisture is that it always seeks equilibrium. Therefore, it spreads from areas of high concentration to low concentration. Wetness moves through different mediums, including evaporating into the air, wicking through materials, or flowing on surfaces. Therefore, leaving small unresolved leaks or wet materials in any section of the house can re-contaminate vast areas of the property. 

Resolving moisture issues starts with scoping the entire property thoroughly. Our IICRC Certified SERVPRO teams complete the tedious task faster using specialized tools like thermal cameras or thermo-hygrometers, identifying moisture in concealed areas and humidity levels. After identifying a leak, we can perform controlled demolition to open up the space for repairs and replace wet materials, thus ensuring it is not the source of future contamination.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills considers the current and future effects of mold damage in your property, thus looking for long-lasting solutions. Call us at (818) 991-6292. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Things to Do at Your Agoura Home After Fire Damage

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Firefighter putting out a fire Fire, smoke, and water all contribute to the need for comprehensive damage cleanup in Agoura.

You Can Rely on SERVPRO for Comprehensive Fire Restoration Solutions in Agoura

Avoiding fire damage is ideal. However, when it happens at your Agoura home, you do not have to focus all your energies on why it happened and what you did wrong. Taking action to counter the damage should be a priority. Steps like checking moisture, managing soils, and inspecting utilities are essential.

A myriad of problems develops in your Agoura home after fire damage. The main issues include darkened surfaces where soot settles, openings where flames consume materials, and pungent odor emitted by the charred residues. Some problems may not be seen, but they are equally significant. Intense heat radiates even into concealed areas, compromising electric cable insulations, resulting in electric shorts later on. Smoke residues can also accumulate within HVAC systems leading to long-term indoor air quality issues. Our SERVPRO restoration crews prepare to tackle the noticeable or hidden issues, restoring preloss conditions.

Since addressing fire damage involves several procedures, it may not be possible to do everything simultaneously, even for a professional restoration team. Prioritizing some actions over others helps create order and convenience. 

Priority Actions During Fire Restoration

  • Checking and managing moisture
  • Organizing wastes and valuables
  • Securing the property

Priority during fire restoration is given if an action can prevent damage from worsening or if it helps reduce hazards for the people entering the damaged property. Moisture is a problem after fire damage since water is the primary agent used to quell intense flames. Scorching fires can damage pipes and other plumbing accessories, releasing water into the structure. If left in place, the moisture causes several problems, including setting soot residues leading to staining or microbial growth resulting in mold. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on visual observation and readings from moisture sensors to determine the immediate action against moisture. Extraction is necessary if there is stagnation, but evaporation and dehumidification handle the situation in most cases.

Creating Order After Fire Damage

One hindrance that can make fire restoration seem more challenging than necessary is the clutter left in properties after such incidents. If the site is disorganized, it is hard to complete tasks like cleanup, and the level of hazards is also heightened since people can trip over scattered objects. Our SERVPRO crews help organize properties after destructive fires by taking several actions like:

  • Packing out valuables
  • Providing trash receptacles
  • Boarding up or setting up containment

Moving contents out of the way creates room for people to move and set up restoration equipment. It is also a way to protect them from exposure to residues and moisture, leading to secondary damages. An example of secondary damage is the accumulation of soot residues inside electronic items, where they might cause overheating or short circuits when the item is later powered on. In most cases, our SERVPRO crews move items within the house, storing them in an unaffected room or section. We can also organize for a move out to an external storage site where necessary.

Creating physical barriers around the property also helps create order. Barriers can involve boarding up the exteriors to seal shattered windows or other openings. Internal barriers may also be necessary to seal off some house sections. The barriers are a way to create order since they help limit debris from spreading or people and animals from accessing. 

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills is prepared to take any action necessary to address fire damage at your home, making it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (818) 991-6292.

Professional Cleanup Service for Fire Damage

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Flames Coming Out A Window The aftereffects of Calabasas fire damage can be every bit as potentially fatal as the fire itself.

Contact Us Today for Expert Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can strike quickly and when you least expect them. When you are dealing with the disastrous consequences of fire damage, it's essential to know that you can call upon the services of a professional local cleanup and restoration service.

Dealing With the Aftereffects of Calabasas Fire Damage

The aftereffects of Calabasas fire damage can be as potentially fatal as the fire itself. Even after the fire is out, other issues should be considered that might remain on your property and pose a threat later. For example, it simply isn't enough to extinguish the fire. Noxious fumes and other poisonous vapors can remain behind and may cause serious health problems if left unchecked.

Meanwhile, debris left behind at the scene of the fire may cause injuries to those who attempt to remove it without the proper knowledge and experience required to deal with such dangerous material. Even after all the debris is cleared away and the smoke has been dealt with, structural instability may remain in the building that an average cleaning crew may not be able to detect. The thought of facing an unforeseen roof or wall collapse ought to be enough to ensure that you hire a professional restoration crew to ward off such disasters before they have a chance to happen.

What Happens When You Contact Us for Service

After you contact us with your emergency, we will send a team of friendly and knowledgeable cleanup and restoration technicians to your property. They will immediately begin a damage assessment and complete estimate of what restoration will entail. If you agree to the evaluation, we will start cleanup work immediately.

Once we have cleared away debris and other harmful material, we will remove all remaining smoke and fumes from the building. We will clean up any stains or discolorations. We will also do a complete diagnostic check of your AC and water filtration systems to ensure that toxic mold or bacterial growth is not present.

The point of our service is to restore rather than replace your existing property. We will give our maximum effort to ensure that your building returns to its original pristine condition as quickly as possible. Every part of our service is guaranteed with a warranty of quality. Our service team members are fully qualified and experienced in the tasks they perform.

Contact Us at Any Time of the Day or at Night

We are a locally owned and operated service that can be contacted at any day or night. Whether you are dealing with Calabasas fire damage or damage in other areas, such as Oak Park or Westlake Village, we offer prompt and efficient assistance to solve your issues. SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills can assist you in your hour of need, so call us at (818) 991-6292.

Emergency Water Cleanup Service for Residents in Agoura

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Caution Wet Floor Sign Looking for a restoration company? Look no further, SERVPRO is just a call away at (818) 991-6292.

Your Agoura Property Deserves Rapid Water Cleanup from SERVPRO

Because there are countless ways that water damage emergencies may impact your Agoura property, you need a restoration team that can adjust to give you the results you deserve. SERVPRO is available in the area 24-hours a day to put a trusted team in your corner. We are locally owned and operated, providing industry-standard restoration services for commercial and residential clients. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Trusted Methods and Proven Results for Water Cleanup in Agoura

There are several phases of each emergency water-related project we get called to. Whether you had burst pipes in your kitchen or an overflowing tub in your bathroom, we are here for:

  • Prompt arrival within hours of your initial contact with our customer care team
  • A dedicated crew chief to inspect/assess your water damage and oversee the project
  • Water removal services with powerful pumps, extractors, and other tools
  • Drying and dehumidification with air movers, industrial fans, and dehumidifiers
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing all surfaces and contents
  • Reconstruction/restoration to make your property “Like it never even happened.”

How Does the Contents Cleaning Process Work?

Not only does water infiltration impact your building materials and internal structure, but also the belongings inside. Our crew knows best practices for addressing saturated furnishings, linens, and anything else that water touches during the event. Depending on the contents, soiling, and other factors, we may use foam cleaning, spray and wipe techniques, or wet cleaning to bring them back to life.

According to local guidelines, any items deemed unsalvageable get logged/documented before safe disposal. Just know that our team always works under the ‘restore vs. replace’ mentality to help you salvage whatever is possible!

You need to act fast before secondary damage takes over when it comes to water cleanup. Contact us at SERVPRO of Agoura/Calabasas/Hidden Hills by calling (818) 991-6292, and we will send a crew as soon as possible.

Can Your Company Remove all of the Mold in My Agoura House?

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on Celing Corner Spotting the source of mold growth in your home can be quite difficult. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Team SERVPRO Can Tackle the Mold Infestation in Your Home

Mold spores exist almost everywhere inside our homes and outside in the natural environment. Mold colonies can form wherever there are moisture and food sources. Mold spores can enter your home on your clothes, pets, or even through an open window.

Our highly trained SERVPRO team provides mold remediation services in Agoura and surrounding areas. While no one can eliminate mold spores from your home or office, our remediation processes can quickly detect moisture sources contributing to mold colony growth and complete restoration of the affected area.

Moisture sources develop over time from leaky plumbing joints, significant water spills, and even inside walls due to inadequate or damaged insulation and moisture barriers. Finding and eliminating these sources of moisture is critical to the long-term control and containment of mold in your home. Mold can cause health effects.

Why Should I Use SERVPRO to Treat My Mold Problem?

At SERVPRO, we have invested in training our team members on the latest advanced mold remediation methods. Our applied structural drying, water damage restoration technicians and microbial remediation specialists are trained to detect and eliminate moisture sources and contain and remove mold-infested materials.

We contain mold spores to the affected area using negative air chambers to prevent infested spores from entering other areas of your home. Air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums capture microscopic mold spores. Mold-infested materials are bagged and disposed of to prevent further growth. We clean and disinfect your contents in affected areas and deodorize to remove offending odors from your home.

SERVPRO has the experience and training to address every facet of mold remediation. Elimination of the moisture source, removing mold-infested materials, cleaning and disinfecting, and assisting with restoration.

Call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills (818) 991-6292 to assist with mold remediation in your home or business.

A Variety of Agoura Business Owners Find Solace Fighting Water Damage With True Professionals

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Bowling Ball & Pins Your Agoura Bowling Alley Struck with Water Damage? Spare Yourself the Worry--Call SERVPRO

Rapid Water Extraction Minimizes Lost Revenue and Costs to Agoura Area Enterprises

Water issues can come from anywhere on your property. Try as you do; it is impossible to prepare for every single possibility that exists. It is imperative today for business owners to have a relationship with their local restoration company, someone they trust to perform specialty services during emergency situations that may occur to their Agoura enterprise.

If you run a bowling alley, pool hall, or even a bar somewhere in the Agoura area, you might be dealing with water damage right now. The restoration process is pretty straightforward; the idea is to get all of the water out before it causes significant damage to contents, company assets, or the structural integrity of your building, even while trying to keep your doors open and your customers happy.

At SERVPRO, we have years of experience dealing with these situations. You might come into work early one day only to find a building full of water, leading to an experience you may wish you could forget. Many water conditions cause significant damage that you cannot see, eventually leading to water spots, stains--either water or mold or exposure that ruin your indoor environment.

Bowling alley floors need specific attention to eliminating damaged areas before resurfacing for customer use. All equipment, machinery, and electronics need proper drying and thorough servicing. We give our clients valuable services and keep you informed throughout the restoration process.

SERVPRO provides deodorization techniques to promote a healthy atmosphere in pool halls throughout the area. You surely do not want customers entering your building to find unattractive odors that make them want to turn around and leave. All it takes is making a single phone call to get your ambient air quality to a high level.

Bars often have a variety of water damage issues. SERVPRO handles everything from plumbing and roofing to problems involving malfunctioning equipment. We have various water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, hygrometers, and infrared moisture detectors to get water in your building under control quickly. We respond fast, provide you with quick, efficient services, and work hard to keep your doors open.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills has IICRC certified technicians available at a moment's notice to address emergency situations on your property. Give us an opportunity to make water issues disappear, "Like it never even happened." (818) 991-6292.

Water Extraction Services in a Flood Damage Situation in Agoura

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Floodwater near Wall Plug Outlet SERVPRO Swiftly Extracts Storm Water from Agoura Properties

Floodwaters Pose Difficult Removal and Restoration Processes

Time is of the essence when a storm hits Agoura. Within a matter of hours, the floodwaters could overwhelm your home and compromise its structural integrity. Snakes, frogs, and other animals could swim into the house. Wet electrical boxes and felled power lines become a safety hazard. Even your car may become submerged in water and fail to start. The overall experience can be devastating.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is by escaping to the roof if the floodwaters are so high and then calling a restoration company when the floodwaters recede. SERVPRO has many years of experience dealing with water and flood damage in Agoura. During that time, we have helped numerous homeowners recover from a wide range of gray and black water flood damage. Thanks to a combination of experience, advanced cleaning and drying equipment, and dedication to client satisfaction, our IICRC-qualified technicians have returned damaged properties to a pre-damaged condition in no time.

Our flood damage recovery process always begins with water extraction from the property. The volume of water determines the extent of the water extraction process - the larger the flood, the more complicated the removal becomes. Typically, gray and black water may require decontamination efforts once done with the extraction part.

SERVPRO water extraction technicians have two main objectives when undertaking flood damage remediation. First, we have to protect the structure from excessive absorption of the floodwater. Secondly, we need to reduce the risk of secondary damage while controlling evaporation (which can lead to mold growth and mold damage).

Add to this the fact that rapid extraction of water can significantly decrease the amount of "strip-out" needed after a flood; using SERVPRO professional extraction services can significantly reduce repair costs that generally come with such an event. Once the work is done, we carry out thermal monitoring, environmental data logging processes, and hygiene testing to minimize the possibility of degradation. Indeed, it would be naive to assume that just because things look clean or dry, that is the case.

Time passes slowly when a flood hits your home. For fast, efficient, and reliable flood damage restoration services, you can count on SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills. We are locally based and have many years of experience providing flood damage and water damage restoration services to the area and its environs. Call us anytime at (818) 991-6292.

Mold Damage in Agoura Homes Does Not Go Away Naturally

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on a Wall If you find yourself in need of assistance with Mold damage remediation call SERVPRO today.

Mold Remediation for Agoura Properties Should Begin Right Away

Mold growth is not an uncommon threat to Los Angeles County, but one that might be often overlooked as a condition that rights itself in time. Conditions leading to the development of mold colonies continue to threaten your property steadily over time, creating a growing infestation of microbial organisms and widespread moisture damage.

How Destructive is Mold?

To understand the importance of mold remediation for Agoura homes, property owners must appreciate the destructive capacities of these organisms over time.

  • Destroying Structure – Hosting materials deteriorate and degrade the longer they are a food source to active microbial organisms.  
  • Health Effects - Mold causes health effects that could make comfortable living a challenge.
  • Harsh Malodors – Volatile organic compounds created by active microbial colonies generate offensive musty smells that are challenging to remove.

Protecting Hosting Materials 

Responding quickly to mold discoveries allows our SERVPRO team the opportunity to remediate active colonies and potentially protect hosting materials. Early onsets of microbial damage, especially to semi-porous organic matter, can often be cleared with remediation approaches like abrasive cleaning with sporicidal and antimicrobial products from our inventory.

Repairs and Reconstruction

An advantage of AMRT-Certified remediation professionals and a roster with a general contractor license is the ability to conduct restoration and recovery strategies while overcoming repair and build-back needs. Reconstruction needs only amplify the longer that mold damage goes unchallenged and feeds on organic host materials. From controlled demolition to full-scale new building projects, our SERVPRO team is ready to help.

Mold is often greatly underappreciated as a threat to homes and businesses, so property owners wait to contact professional restorers like our SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills team. The longer your property goes without needed remediation, the more damage that can result. Give us a call today at (818) 991-6292.

Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services In Calabasas

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the floor of a living room Water removal should start within a short time after the water intrusion for best results. Call our certified technicians to help you.

Water Damage Restorations Services

Usually, water damage disasters typically strike when we are not expecting, and that means they are always emergencies. With that in mind, residents of Calabasas are advised to contact professional restoration service providers to mitigate the damage immediately. That should be the first step to take irrespective of whether it was your home or business that the disaster hit.

Water damage incidents in Calabasas require immediate assessment and inspection, and that is what happens when certified professionals arrive at the site. For instance, our technicians from SERVPRO try to identify the materials and areas that are affected and then put in place the most appropriate restoration methods. We aim to restore your property in the shortest time possible.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand the various effects presented by the three major categories of water. Type 1 is clean water that is safe for human consumption that may be brought about by burst water pipes, rainwater or any failed supply of fresh water by appliances. Category 2 is gray water which is not safe for human consumption. It can result when washing machines, dishwashers, aquariums, waterbeds and toilet bowls overflow. Category 3 is black water that is highly contaminated. Flooding water from streams, rivers, and sewage are some of the sources of this type of water.

Failure to do the restoration correctly may lead to mold growth, and that means additional damage. That is why the anti-microbial application is so important. To hasten the drying process, we may use dehumidifiers and air movers. Dehumidifiers work by pulling out additional moisture from the air and in the process help in preventing the affected area from secondary damage. SERVPRO is recognized by IICRC and follows regulations of state when disposing of any debris or setting up equipment.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills responds immediately to all storm, fire, water and mold damage disasters. Call us at (818) 991-6292 and be served by professionals that you can trust.