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Let Our Crew Help After A Water Damage Incident In Your Agoura Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills is available to assist 24/7.

Water Removal from Your Agoura Home

Dealing with an overflowing dishwasher and excess water within your home can be a nuisance at best and a disaster at worst. After you sop up the majority of the excess water, you may still have some excess moisture in the impacted areas of your home. It can be challenging to know to address first in this type of situation. However, it is vital to get help quickly to mitigate secondary damage such as buckled floors, or mold infestations.

If you need water removal in your Agoura home, the skilled professionals at SERVPRO can help you. We address excess water as soon as possible. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. We also understand that removing water is not always a simple process. Moisture removal is just as crucial in the air as it is in the flooring. It is essential to restore the relative humidity (RH) to the same level as before the water spill.

A central concept of water damage is psychrometry. It is the study of air, humidity, temperature, and the impact on materials. Essentially, psychrometry is the science behind drying. Moisture in the air can damage materials that it touches. Technicians use psychrometrics to measure the humidity in the air to decide if it is dry enough for wet materials to dry quickly. If there is significant moisture still in the air, it takes longer to dry the materials.

There are three conditions in psychrometry that are essential in drying; Humidity, Airflow, Temperature (HAT). SERVPRO technicians bring RH levels above 60 percent down by using high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers push the air toward the dehumidifiers, which remove excess moisture and push out warm, dry air conducive to reducing RH and drying the materials within the home.

SERVPRO technicians understand the science behind drying the impacted areas and restoring the RH levels to preloss levels. We used specialized equipment that allows us to safely remove excess water and humidity while using moisture meters to ensure appropriate humidity levels within your home.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills is available to assist 24/7. Contact us at (818) 991-6292.

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Why We Are The Leader In Calabasas Water Damage Restoration

1/4/2020 (Permalink)

Our heated air movers and air scrubber working to clean up this room after water damage effected the home Our skilled technicians utilize top of the line equipment like these heated air movers and an air scrubber to clean up water damage in your home.

Sophisticated Techniques That Minimize Water Damage Effects in Calabasas Homes

When water spills in your Calabasas home, it is likely to spread into various cavities in the house, including walls, behind cabinets, and subfloors. Such water may go unnoticed if the leak starts from a hidden area or if the cavities are not scoped when drying the rest of the house. Moisture in hidden sections of the house leads to different forms of material deterioration, including physical alterations such as warping of structural supports and mold, leading to costly repairs.

Many of the adverse effects of water damage in Calabasas homes can be addressed by thoroughly drying the entire structure, including the hidden areas. However, some challenges, including access to these areas, can hinder the process. One way our SERVPRO technicians simplify the process is by using sophisticated drying equipment, which eases access. Since water damage incidents involving clean water do not spread contaminants, no decontamination is necessary for the hidden areas, so our team can assure the homeowner that drying is enough to deliver quality results.

Specialized cavity drying systems can help remove moisture from wall spaces, cabinets, and other concealed areas. The systems work through positive pressure, meaning pushing air into the cavity or negative pressure whereby air is drawn from the cavity. The systems differ in design, with some having vents for attachment to air movers while others have an internal blower. Positive pressure is the standard drying approach, but if our SERVPRO technicians suspect chances of contamination, we use negative pressure.

Sometimes it is not possible to access the cavity. For example, penetrating tiles and hardwood floors to reach the subfloor cavity is not feasible because it would cause irreversible damages. Our SERVPRO technicians use drying mats to dry these areas without causing physical damages.

Excess moisture in your Agoura, Agoura Hills, or Hidden Hills house can lead to a cocktail of problems. Call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292 to help fix any issue, "Like it never even happened."

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The Variable Factors of Storm Flood Damage and Their Effects On Your Agoura Hills Residence

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water floods the living room of contemporary style home with white walls, tv, couch, curtains SERVPRO remedies floodwater based on the individual characteristics and build of your home.

Storm Flood Damage Agoura Hills

Powerful storms can heap pressure onto the structure of your home. With heavy rainfall, there is a massive water volume that requires transportation via gutters into the drainage system below. In preparation for stormy seasons, residents should be sure that their guttering and drainage are clean with the ability to handle excessive quantities of water flow. In addition to rainfall, it is not uncommon for groundwater levels to rise or nearby road overflow to occur.

These situations can get out of hand, leading to storm flood damage in your Agoura Hills home. Knowing the equipment, you need to remedy a flooded property depending on the individual characteristics and build of your home. In that sense, property restoration is unique, and SERVPRO technicians must think on their feet to set up the right restorative equipment. In the aftermath of a storm, you can always begin the cleaning process by funneling standing water out of the home while waiting for technicians to arrive.

Every property damage proposition SERVPRO faces is a unique challenge. While there are specific steadfast actions, such as removing water or controlling humidity, the equipment we use can vary.

Low-Grain Refrigerant dehumidifiers, for example, are powerful and can reduce relative moisture quickly. However, homes that have wooden flooring may benefit more from a desiccant dehumidifier that uses silica gel to draw moisture out of natural materials like wood.

The construction materials of your home affect restoration. However, the type of damages SERVPRO is facing also means we often have to make adjustments in real-time. Floodwaters can carry solid waste from sewer overflow or debris in the case of flash-flooding. Where solid waste is a concern, we may deploy self-priming trash pumps rather than conventional high-pressure pumps. Trash pumps remove solid waste as large as three inches and can be useful in flat removals, such as in the first-floor levels of your home.

Every damage scenario is different, but we have the equipment and experience to put in place an efficient plan of action. Contact SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292.

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Commercial Flood Damage in Agoura

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by a storm Contact SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292.

The Permeance of Materials and Commercial Flood Damage in Agoura

Flooding in Commercial businesses can often require several technicians to ensure that the job is completed as efficiently as possible. Smaller private residencies can need urgent assistance; however, as the property manager of a bar or restaurant, temporary closure due to flooding has a significant impact on revenues. Longer-term closures can affect the reputation of your restaurant, which is essential to successfully running an independent business in this community.

Our commercial flood damage team here in Agoura is capable of providing the human resources and equipment to get your business back on track. In a restaurant, floodwaters do not just affect the structure but also the furnishings and contents. These can be expensive to buy new, which is why SERVPRO crew chiefs have a mandate to restore items rather than replace them.

By understanding different materials and their response to water exposure, SERVPRO can utilize advanced cleaning techniques to salvage contents. Carpeting and upholstery are highly permeant materials meaning that they absorb moisture quickly. When contamination is present, they may also absorb contaminants requiring special cleaning or disposal. By testing materials, we can ensure they get the right treatment to make a full recovery. Cheaper materials, like thin carpets, may be cheaper to replace than to restore.

When large bodies of water enter a property, they can significantly raise humidity levels. Vapor barriers used in vinyl wallpapers prevent water from escaping but can result in air bubbles appearing. SERVPRO can wash, rinse, and dry vinyl using a cleaning solution. Our essential cavity drying equipment can prevent bobbling to appear on wallpapers so long as we can apply them in time.

There are primary and secondary damages that can occur as a result of flooding. Primary damages may include carpet delamination, buckling of wooden floors, or rust. Secondary damages are humidity related and cover ceilings, walls, and in some cases, microbial growth control. SERVPRO prevents primary damages by using air-moving equipment and extraction. Secondary damages can be controlled through dehumidification and training in Psychrometrics.

Get your business back sooner rather than later. Contact SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292.

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We Are Available 24/7 To Handle Your Agoura Water Damage Restoration Services

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

A part of the carpet pulled up in this home after water damage soaked it We have the necessary training in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, in order to make your home like it never happened.

Water Damage Agoura - Setting Up Staging Areas

Many people might wonder what a staging area has to do with water damage? Why would clients be even asked if it is ok to set up a staging area? Insurance companies want their costs minimized, and their clients satisfied. Setting up a staging area on the premises or at SERVPRO facilities takes time.

SERVPRO has decades of experience providing water damage restoration services in the Agoura area. Our experience has shown us that we can complete a job faster at a lower cost to the client utilizing staging areas. These areas are multi-use, for both our equipment as well as the client's contents. This approach saves time and cost, as well as providing access to some content that the client may need.

How Does a Staging Area Increase Efficiency?

With all of the water damage sites we have visited, and input from the client, SERVPRO crew chiefs pretty much know what equipment is going to be needed. Our crew chief and technician arrive on-site with almost everything that is required. We move our equipment to the staging area with the client's permission. This approach reduces the number of trips in and out of the home or business.

The client's contents usually must be cleaned and dried. We move everything to an unaffected area of the home. All items can be stored in this staging area until the water has been removed, the area is dry, and humidity has returned to normal levels. A staging area in the home saves time and also reduces the risk of potential damage every time an item is moved.

A plastic drop cloth always protects the floor of the staging area. All items, including our equipment, are placed on this protective cloth. It is this attention to detail that not only saves time, but it also ensures that your contents are protected while we return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6262 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Oak Park, Westlake Village, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Guiding Agoura Hills Residents through Strategic Fire Damage Restoration

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

A neighborhood with several houses on fire. Agoura Hills let SERVPRO be there for your fire damage clean up.

We will show you the way through the fire Agoura Hills.

The debilitating effects of a house fire can last long after the flames have been put out. Several assessments need to be made about the safety and security of your home. Possessions must be sifted through to decide which are salvageable and which are not. Not to mention the inconvenience and emotional stress associated with restoring your property after a fire. We are a locally owned and operated company that can guide you through the stages of restoration from loss mitigation through to restoration. 

Our goal is to give your home the best chance of making a full-recovery after fire damage, and we serve Agoura Hills as well as the surrounding area. Usually, the first thing you should do after receiving the all-clear from the fire safety officer to enter the home is to open the windows. This simple act can help to dissipate, odors, and microscopic particles released during combustion. You can contact us straight away as well as contacting your insurance provider to inform them of your need to make a claim. 

SERVPRO technicians are both compassionate and thorough in their approach to property restoration and regularly work in this community. We can remove any charred items or debris as well as performing a professional assessment of contents and structural damages. It may seem at first as though wide-scale replacement of contents is necessary to a homeowner dealing with soot or smoke residues. However, many items can be salvaged through mechanical cleaning, immersion cleaning, or by using the correct solvents. 

We work with a restore over replace mentality here at SERVPRO that values items our customers think are important. We can perform a range of specialist operations like electronics restoration, document recovery, as well as fabric and upholstery cleaning. In doing so, we can often recover heavily soiled items to a preloss condition reducing the expense of your claim and returning sentimental items in good condition. Your assistance in this process is not necessary, but it is welcome, and a SERVPRO fire restoration technician can help to direct the cleaning effort.

Some areas of the home may be sensitive or require professional attention to avoid further harm. We tend to find that walls or ceilings, in particular, should be avoided without the proper training and equipment. Soiling on these areas can be tricky to clean, and there is a high risk of spreading damage around. We can also include heating ventilation and air conditioning inspection during restoration to ensure there is no extensive damage or risk of soot being redeposited into recently restored areas. 

For a comprehensive strategy and a friendly service, contact SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292.

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Training, Personnel, Equipment, and Speed--SERVPRO Meets the Challenges of Flood and Storm Control in the Calabasas Area

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Roof of house seen floating in a life preserver SERVPRO Knows How to Save Houses from Flooding in Calabasas!

Flood Damage Calabasas – Fast Response with the Right Equipment

Consumers and business people value quick response times when their homes and businesses have been flooded. Many people understand that removing water and moisture reduces the chance of mold and further damage to the structure and contents of the building. Floods also can present additional issues if the floodwater is contaminated, which it usually is.

SERVPRO has developed specific flood damage protocols that we use in Calabasas and surrounding areas. Our protocols are one of the reasons SERVPRO is so successful in dealing with these kinds of events. We make sure that the right people and the right equipment are mobilized to manage and restore your home or business as quickly as possible.

How do We Make a Difference?

Our project manager or crew chief is usually the first on the scene. The lead man's job is to scope the loss and arrange to deploy the right equipment and staff. We assess the area affected by the flood for any safety hazards and also contamination. Based on this assessment, our team begins moving items that are in jeopardy of exposure to a safe staging area.

We also set up a staging area with the client's agreement for our equipment to improve access to everything we need. We clean and save as much as possible, and it is processed and stored in the staging area. We implement control measures to protect the client, our team, and unaffected areas of your home from contaminants. We attempt to prevent dangerous microorganisms contained in the floodwaters from being passed along to the client.

SERVPRO's response aims to ensure your safety while restoring your home or business to its original condition. Our technicians are trained in all of the necessary procedures to deal with flood damage. These protocols also include fire and storm damage recovery. We clean and restore as much as possible. We prepare documentation of all items cleaned, their location, and their status for your insurance claims. One software program we utilize is the CCIS Content Claim Inventory System.

We are available to answer any questions and provide assistance with your insurance claims. SERVPRO is here to help.

Call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Calabasas and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Experts Discuss Why Effective Drying Can Save Your Agoura Hills Home

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

water damage by window “Like it never even happened.”

You Need Effective Drying After Water Damages Your Agoura Hills Home

Water damage is the result of water intruding and attacking building materials and personal possessions in a building. It can take different forms, and many factors cause it. Whether the culprit is a broken pipe, malfunctioning appliance, or overflowing bathtub, you need to handle the situation as quickly as you can.

When your Agoura Hills home has water damage, it is imperative to inspect the affected areas carefully to choose the most suitable restoration techniques and equipment. Different classes of water damage exist. Each class lays out the severity of the damage. Class 1 damage is when the affected materials have not absorbed much moisture. When water damage has affected a whole room by soaking into carpets and walls, we classify it as class 2. Class 3 is when the water has saturated most of the affected area.

If there is standing water in your home, you can remove it manually using a wet vacuum. After removing the water, open all doors and windows to let fresh air circulate in your home. Removing water is just one of the steps you need to take to restore your home. Moisture can get to hard-to-reach areas such as under the floors, inside the walls, and behind cabinets, among other places.

Sophisticated water removal equipment and methods are required to complete the drying process effectively. By hiring a professional restoration company like SERVPRO, you can ensure that your residence is adequately restored with no left-over moisture that can affect its structure. We offer professional structural and content drying services with a combination of high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture. Air movers speed up evaporation at the surface level and minimize drying time.

When some materials such as baseboards have water damage, it is necessary to replace the damaged sections to prevent mold growth. We can remove parts of the damaged baseboard and dry the area. If the water pooled on your hardwood floor or another low evaporation material, our SERVPRO team can use a desiccant dehumidifier to dry it. Desiccant dehumidifiers use chemicals that absorb moisture quickly. The chemicals are called desiccants, and they absorb moisture from the air the dehumidifier processes.  After completing the drying process, we can subcontract the repair work to licensed contractors to restore your property to its preloss condition.

If you are dealing with a problem in your residence, SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills can provide efficient water removal and drying services. Call us today at (818) 991-6292. We can handle the damage to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Storm Damage Experts Discuss Tips for Performing Flood Cleanup In Your Agoura Home

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding in Laundry room Call us any time at (818) 991-6292. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Tips for Performing Flood Cleanup In Your Agoura Residence

Flooding can happen unexpectedly. In just minutes, flash floods can build up raging waters, while some floods may build up after a few days. Some flash floods occur with no sign of rainfall, and they carry loads of deadly rocks and mud. During the rainy season, urban flooding often occurs in Agoura, especially at roadways and intersections, and the water ends up in homes.

It is advisable to perform flood cleanup in your Agoura residence as soon as possible to avoid high repair costs. When cleaning up your home, it is essential to take safety precautions. You can take the following precautions to ensure safe flood damage cleanup:

    •    Floodwater often contains contaminants, creating a health risk. Therefore, wear personal protective equipment like gloves, eye-protection goggles, and watertight boots before entering the flooded areas.
    •    Be careful as you walk in a flood-damaged house. Loose, damp ceiling plaster is dense and hazardous. Before moving around, knockdown hanging plaster. Look out for walls on the floor and loose boards that may have exposed nails.
    •    Turn off the electricity while standing on dry wood or plastic to avoid electrocution.

Flood damage is often too much for homeowners to fix alone. It is advisable to get help from SERVPRO restoration experts. We have the cleanup and repair skills and the equipment that helps reverse and prevent further damage. Flood cleanup involves removing the floodwater, drying and sanitizing the affected structures and contents.

Any water intrusion incident presents variables like the time water has been in the building, hazardous substances in the water, and mold contamination. Therefore, we take time to identify and resolve safety hazards before proceeding with the restoration project. Our technicians identify all external risks like structural and electrical instability and take measures to ensure safety.

Silt in the floodwater is so fine, and it can penetrate the wall cavities. Even after extracting the water, the silt can remain in the holes. The only way to eliminate it is by removing the finish materials over the cavities. Besides the structural problems, another big concern is decontamination, which involves removing unrestorable materials and sanitizing the salvageable ones. Our SERVPRO team can use disinfectants and germicides that can kill 99 percent of organisms they contact on the surfaces where we apply them.

When floodwater enters a home, removing it and drying the structure fast is critical. SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills can handle the cleanup process efficiently. Call us any time at (818) 991-6292. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Agoura Properties Can Be Affected by Regional Wildfires--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

Wild Fire Approaching Roof-Tiled Homes Wild Fires Threats from Damage, Water, and Smoke Is Real for the Agoura Area--SERVPRO Is Ready to Help

What to Expect After Wildfire Damage to Your Agoura Home

The wildfire damage in Southern California, including the Agoura area, is in a word: devastating. The first few days, residents breathed a collective sigh of relief that the winds stayed down. However, that changed, and strong winds have begun to challenge the firefighters' efforts.

SERVPRO technicians are community members, and they know the danger and havoc that wildfire damage leaves behind in Agoura homes. They approach the fire loss cleanup with compassion to help homeowners by finding restorable items and prepping the site for any necessary reconstruction.

Why SERVPRO? for Wild FireWild Fire Help
When Pacific Gas and Electric shut off electricity to the area preemptively, this can delay cleanup efforts. SERVPRO technicians bring their own generators along with all the equipment necessary to remove debris, perform restoration on items, and assist homeowners with coordinating with their insurance adjusters on each phase of the restoration services process. We can categorize fire and smoke losses into structural or content.

Smoke Damage May Be Deceiving
One of the worst things homeowners encounter is finding items in their homes that, although untouched by flames, have severe smoke or water damage. SERVPRO technicians ask property owners to let them know particular things to look for, as it is usually unsafe for homeowners to be present onsite. It is vital to engage a professional restoration services company in the cleanup as they have the necessary safety equipment to touch soot and waterlogged items that have the potential to cause illness without precautionary measures for handling. In the process of becoming IICRC certified, the technicians learn specialized methods and have the equipment to restore many possessions.

Controlled Demolition is a Fact of Fire Loss Cleanup
During the mitigation of fire damage in the home, it is standard procedure to cut away charred sheetrock and open wall cavities. Homeowners sometimes arrive to inspect and find it already done in a mangled manner as firefighters often perform this action to ensure smoldering materials are not within wall cavities and confirm they successfully extinguished the fire.

When you need assistance with cleanup from wildfire damage, contact SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292. Our certified technicians are available 24/7, and as local residents, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.