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Our Experts Can Save Your Fire Damaged Patio In Agoura

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Flames are seen through the windows and coming out under the eaves of this house fire. Call us at (818) 991-6292 for mitigation of smoke, removal of fire-damaged debris, and odor removal, as well.

Cleaning Up After Grill Night Causes Fire Damage To Your Patio In Agoura

Having a fun night in with friends often includes grilling something delicious on the patio of your Agoura residence. Even with precautions, accidents do happen. We are always ready to help minimize the ’damage's expenses to you in every way possible and help get your home restored, so everything is “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO's specialists in Agoura start mitigating fire damage as soon as we arrive. Fire and smoke are only two of the factors when we mitigate a home. Water and smoke also elevate the amount of damage found. When burning food added to the disaster, we know that much of the residue left behind contains oils and other components. Burnt protein can make removing the soot more difficult than if the flames consumed only wood or paper.

Unless soot gets removed from exterior surfaces like painted walls, vinyl siding, or decorative masonry, permanent staining can create additional havoc. Although we remove charred materials to replace them with safer ones, we prefer cleaning wherever possible. This option saves many homeowners substantial amounts over replacing everything involved in a disaster. Because of the outdoor nature of patios, our building services often steps in to help with installing temporary fencing to protect your property.

Heat during a fire can also cause damage to show up in melted and warped plastics. We take photos of these areas to help you locate similar items when looking for replacements. These same photos can help verify damaged areas for insurance purposes. Many times, exact replicas of patio furniture becomes challenging to find so that alternatives might become the only option. Photos can help show the extent of damage, as well.

SERVPRO's specialists receive in-house training, making them well-equipped as team members in restoring your patio. Our dedicated staff also receives certificates from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Fire and Smoke Restoration (FSRT). Your property is essential to you, and we know the most efficient methods to restore its beauty and functionality with as little delay as possible.

Other surfaces where smoke might congregate include the ceiling of your patio. We use gentle cleaning agents that do not strip paint while removing soot and grime. Screened in areas can also become damaged from ash. When these remain intact and do not require their replacement, cleaning them helps keep soot residues from spreading.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills can help make things safe and clean again after a fire. Patio areas remain a vital part of many homes in Hidden Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake. Restoring their functional status helps our customers continue enjoying their homes and times with friends and family. Call us at (818) 991-6292 for mitigation of smoke, removal of fire-damaged debris, and odor removal, as well.

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Your Agoura Hills Home Will Be Restored By Our Experts After A Fire

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Our certified emergency response team arrives quickly and turns the clock back on the loss in your home.

How Does SERVPRO Get Walls And Ceilings So Clean After Fire Damage In Agoura Hills Homes?

Fire damage leaves many types of cleaning challenges for our technicians. It is essential to test the smoke residue to determine the proper cleaning method. For example, using a wet sponge on dry smoke residue has the potential to drive odor-causing soot deeper into surfaces and compound that problem.

When SERVPRO technicians clean up fire damage in Agoura Hills homes, we do more than simply remove charred debris and call the site cleaned up. Our technicians gain certifications as taught through The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which teaches the latest advancements and best practices for the restoration sciences.

We know the issues that remain after fire damage cleanup are often not seen but sensed through smell. Smoke odor is pungent and difficult to remove. When we mitigate smoke residue from walls and ceilings, we use the following methods most often:

    •    Dry cleaning sponges for residue left from high heat fires it is light and powdery left behind by natural elements such as wood, paper or fabrics
    •    Wet cleaning used for lower heat fires where rubber or plastic-type items burned and left behind sticky, smeary residues

After a fire, the goal of our technicians is to return the property to its preloss condition. Each fire damage cleanup is unique and while some walls and ceilings need smoke damage removed through our proprietary methods and no additional applications; other times the best outcome from cleaning prepares the walls for repainting. Paint does not adhere to surfaces that contain dirt or smoke.

During a fire, as hot air expands, this action drives soot deeply into various places in a room, including the paint on walls and ceilings, and results in a lingering smoke odor that cannot be wiped away through cleaning. We use different methods to neutralize smoke odors, including thermal fogging and the use of machines such as hydroxyl generators that safely eradicate odors. The end result is a home that carries no residual reminders of the fire.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292 is ready to help property owners with fire damage of any scale in their homes. Our certified emergency response team arrives quickly and turns the clock back on the loss in your home to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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We Will Remove All Smoke Residue From Your Fire Damaged Home In Agoura

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Give our SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills professionals a call at (818) 991-6292 to make these damages “Like it never even happened.”

Removing Smoke Residue From Your Agoura Living Room

Fires can originate nearly anywhere in your Agoura home, and often, overloaded electrical outlets can get hot enough to ignite drywall or other nearby materials. With a fast spread of these conditions as you get the occupants of the house to safety, your entire living room can become affected in various degrees by the widening flames. Once first responders and firefighters have quelled the blaze, you get a look at the effect this disaster had on the property, starting with the ignition point.

Fire damage is multi-faceted for Agoura homes, and overcoming these detrimental effects on your property requires the expertise of trained professionals with the industry-leading equipment to help. Our SERVPRO team has extensive experience in fire loss recovery and certifications in Fire & Smoke Restoration (FSRT) and Odor Control. Many of our technicians also have accreditations in niches like fabric and upholstery cleaning, which can be a vital component to recovering soot and smoke damaged fabrics throughout the property.

One of the hardest affected surfaces in your living room, no matter where the fire originates, or the worst of the actual charring and burning occurs, is the carpeting. This flooring material is a magnet for dust, debris, dander, and contaminants already, so these same traits lead it to take in soot and smoke residue easily and hold on to these carcinogens. Removing these particulates is not an easy task, and nothing that a homeowner should attempt on their own.

In some cases, your carpeting can still get preserved and protected after a fire, and if this is the case, removing soot and smoke debris is important to improve the look and function of the floor. Wiping and scrubbing can stain your carpets and smear soot and smoke residues. Our SERVPRO team has advanced cleaning products and cleaning machines to provide hot water extraction to improve the look and feel of this smoke-damaged flooring.

Do not let fire loss effects cost you more than they should. Give our SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills professionals a call at (818) 991-6292 to make these damages “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Professionals Explain The Five Services We Provide During Our Fire Damage Restoration Process In Agoura Hills

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's emergency services are available 24/7 by calling (818) 991-6292.

The Five Types Of Fire Damage Restoration In Agoura Hills

Fire damage is not a situation anyone can totally plan for, but it is good to have an understanding of how the restoration process works. Five main categories encompass our restoration services.

Mitigation Services
Upon arriving on site, our team of technicians will immediately assess the fire damage to your Agoura Hills home and make the site safe for cleanup. They may need to board up windows for security, establish electricity for equipment and set up emergency drying to prevent secondary damage.

Structural Cleaning
Our technicians survey premises for the scope of damage and determine what components of the structure can be restored through cleaning and what cannot be cleaned. Neutralizing of foul odors left from the fire is covered in this segment of services.

Contents Cleaning
SERVPRO technicians work cleaning smoke residues from the possessions of the owners. In cases where the structure is not secure or too damaged for safe work on-site, the contents are packed and moved to a separate location for cleaning by our team.

Specialty Items Services
Often some items have damage from the fire that requires special treatment for restoration. This can include electronics, dry cleaning, heirlooms, and expensive artworks. These types of items are often cleaned off-site.

Reconstruction Services
This team of technicians are specialists in damage from fires and often work in tandem performing cleaning services while licensed general contractors work on the reconstruction of building materials too damaged to restore through cleaning.

Our IICRC-certified technicians work together on several areas at once for a fast turnaround to damage in the home. While one team is containing an area to stop the spread of soot, another team is determining the levels of moisture left from extinguishing the fire. Working in this efficient manner, SERVPRO technicians can mitigate damage by arriving quickly and working efficiently on cleanup.

SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills knows that fire damage needs fast attention to lower the possibility of secondary damage to your property. SERVPRO's emergency services are available 24/7 by calling (818) 991-6292.

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Our Team Works With Your Insurance Company After A Fire Damage Disaster In Your Agoura Hills Home

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

We know what your insurance company needs to approve a claim and can help to make this process easier in an already traumatic time.

Working With Your Insurance To Recover Fire-Damaged Agoura Hills Homes

After a fire causes damage to your Agoura Hills home, homeowners quickly work to get the right professional assistance to return their property to its original condition. As challenging as this might be, it is also one of the reasons that most pay home insurance, to protect their investment when disaster strikes. Our team can work closely with major and local insurance providers to offer our customers fast and effective recovery solutions that begin with our initial arrival.

Sometimes fire damage to your Agoura Hills home is not as bad as you might believe it to be, and it can be more cost-effective for you to pay for restoration out of pocket rather than potentially increasing your premiums to get it covered by your insurance provider. Likewise, sometimes localized fires can be more damaging and devastating than they might initially appear. Our SERVPRO team can offer a thorough assessment of the damage and the best approach to restoring your property completely.

Contacting our professionals before you reach out to your insurance provider can help you in many ways. The first of these is understanding the damage to your home, and its estimated costs to repair. If this amount rivals your existing deductible, you might decide it is most cost-effective to pay for our restoration and mitigation directly.

Secondly, it provides our estimator the opportunity to compile the evidence and documentation that your insurance company requires. Often when it comes to getting a damage claim approved, insurance companies require photographic evidence of the damage along with a detailed catalog of losses and work to get done to restore the property completely. By providing this information along with your damage claim, the work can often begin much more quickly than it otherwise would.

Few people relish in the idea of working with their home insurance companies to restore their home after a fire, but our SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills team can help. We know what your insurance company needs to approve a claim and can help to make this process easier in an already traumatic time. Give us a call at (818) 991-6292.

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Cleaning Up Fire Damage in Your Agoura Home's Bathroom

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Our team is here to help restore your bathroom from fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Dealing with Fire Damage in Agoura? Don’t Stress, SERVPRO Will Clean Up The Mess

Agoura residents rarely have a fire and many remain contained to small areas of the residence. Cleaning up such messes helps gets things back to a healthy state inside the home. The soot left behind from burning plastics and the liquids coming out of melted containers can create a concoction that becomes difficult to remove. At SERVPRO, we carry specialized tools to help make this easier.

When you find that your bathroom in Agoura contains fire damage from a curling or straightening iron, the fire damage can affect the walls, ceiling, shower doors, vanity top, and much more. Flooring can also become severely damaged. We take care of everything for you and get it ready for the restoration work.

Restoring your bathroom not only makes it safe and usable but also clean. Soot clings to anything it touches, making showering almost impossible. Morning routines can become a game of trying not to spread the soot onto clothing, towels, and yourself.

SERVPRO technicians hold certificates from the IICRC and know the most effective methods to get rid of soot and grime from a fire. We use unique cleansers that cut through the greasiness of the soot deposited everywhere to bring everything back to normal again.

We need to remove all of the damaged materials and any cosmetics or toiletries before installing new materials. This requires stripping floors, in some cases, and pulling anything out that melted or charred. We double bag all of the destroyed elements, so nothing escapes into the rest of your home.

Where smoke traveled outside of the bathroom also requires a serious cleaning. We need to get the soot removed as soon as possible to prevent it from drying and hardening. Once this happens, it can require the stripping away of paint on walls and ceilings.

After we finish cleaning, we can deodorize the area with hydroxyl gas generators. This may take a few hours, but you do not have to leave your home during this process like you would if we used ozone gas. Hydroxyl gas is much safer and is used in many factories where normal operations create unpleasant odors.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

 SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills can help you get your morning routine back after fire damage messes up your bathroom in Oak Park or West Lake. Call us at (818) 991-6292, and we can get things back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

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Smoky Odors and Stains in Your Westlake Property? Whom Should I Call? SERVPRO

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Westlake Dirty, Fire & Smoke Damaged Ductwork? SERVPRO Can Help

SERVPRO - Remediating Fire Damage to Westlake Homes

Every Westlake home fire burns differently, depending on the material which burns and the amount of oxygen. These factors determine how fast the fire burns, which results in the type of residues left on the property from the smoke and soot.
These factors in Westlake fire damage also determine how SERVPRO restoration teams clean each home as well. Our specialists inspect the property to determine the level of damage and which categories it falls into and the methods needed to return each home to its pre-fire condition.
Mitigation – These are our first actions to avoid secondary damage from animal intrusion, weather, and trespassing. Our clean-up crews secure windows and doors with plywood and also cover openings in the home where flames may have burned holes through the roof.
Contents Cleaning – Our initial attempts to clean personal property are in the home when possible. If the residence has significant damage, our specialists take it to our facility or another location to clean the items. These pack-outs are carefully documented and barcoded, then stored until your home is ready to receive them. We maintain a large inventory of cleaners so that if we can clean an item, our team members do so quickly and thoroughly.
Structural Cleaning – If the fire burned for an extended period, SERVPRO technicians know that smoke traveled through the HVAC ductwork, penetrated building material like drywall and wood paneling, and even wood framing and support structures. In these cases, removing smoke and soot residues also removes the source of pungent odors that can linger for months or years after completing other cleaning efforts. Removal often requires very strong anti-microbial cleaners to destroy these residues.
Specialty Restoration – This category deals with items that need special cleaning services, and we recommend the owner uses a service trained for these items. Examples of personal property here include antique furniture, clothing that requires dry cleaning, electronic devices, and artwork.
Reconstruction – When the damage to structural property cannot be cleaned or repaired, our technicians dispose of items like wood framing, other minor support beams, drywall, paneling and may replace them. For major structural damage, the team leader recommends the homeowner engages a licensed, general contractor.
Cleaning and restoring homes after a fire is not a quick process. Our goal at SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills is to return each home in the best condition possible. "Like it never even happened." If you need our assistance, call today at (818) 991-6292.

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Avoid Remediation Delays in Oak Park Because Fire Damage Can Cause Additional Problems for Your Home

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire residues can continue to destroy your building materials. Contact SERVPRO right away after a fire.

The Risks of Self Examination After Fire Damage in Your Oak Park House

Once a disaster occurs in your Oak Park residence, your first instinct might be to figure out just how severe the effects are for yourself. While there are several situations that this might be a wise thought to have, following a situation like a fire in your home, there could be risks that you are not aware of that threaten your health or safety for entering before it has gotten deemed safe to do so.

Fire damages in Oak Park can affect your home in a multitude of ways. From the direct impact it might have on the structural integrity of your residence to the more subtle secondary effects, these lingering symptoms often require focused attention from trained professionals to overcome and restore. Even assessing the scope of the damage can be a risk to someone who is not fully aware of the extent of the damage their home has sustained.

Our SERVPRO professionals get trained in the use of varying levels of safety equipment to keep them protected from the threats of structural failures and potential contaminants that might exist in the atmosphere once a fire gets extinguished. Homeowners often do not fully understand the possibility of weakened building materials collapsing, chemical toxins from burned contents, or even the health effects of breathing smoke and debris.

Your insurance company often requires documented photographic evidence and cataloging of the damage that your home contends with from a recent fire, but this assessment and photographic proof can best get left to our SERVPRO estimator. The trained individual we dispatch has a safety-first approach to the assessment and can adequately catalog the full extent of the damage inside of your home to get the claims process started more quickly.

There are no simple approaches to dealing with fire damage in your home, but there is no sense in putting yourself or others at risk, either. Our SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills fire restoration specialists can respond quickly and work directly with your insurance provider to get your home restored as efficiently as possible. Give us a call anytime you need us at (818) 991-6292.
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Oak Park's Fire Damage Professionals Tell About Restoring Burnt Furniture

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Returning home after a fire can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage and possibly restore any valuable possessions.

SERVPRO Technicians Offer BOTH Structural and Furniture Restoration After a Fire

Structural fires frequently occur across the nation, and some of those take place near Oak Park. Thousands and thousands of homes every year get destroyed across the country. House fires typically ignite due to people smoking indoors, cooking, or malfunctioning appliances. If you are lucky, you will get out of the burning building and get the fire put out quickly so that the structure does not become a total loss. However, even if your residence did not completely burn, many things can still get destroyed. Once a blaze starts, it can quickly rush through a building and use anything and everything in its path as fuel. Depending on how big the fire got and how long it burned before getting extinguished, your building materials and contents may have got torched and ruined. During a structure fire, some items can burn while others do not and many particles will not fully combust. When partially combusted particles are formed, they are released from the blaze in the form of smoke. Smoke also causes its own unique types of problems with your possessions and structural components.
When comprising the initial estimate for your insurance company, our SERVPRO estimators divide affected items into either the building materials or contents category. Most insurance companies use these classifications, so during fire damage restoration in Oak Park we also break up the estimate based on whether affected items are attached to the structure or not. A good method of figuring out whether something burnt would be considered a structural component or a content is to picture that the house gets turned upside down and shook. Anything that would fall out when shaken would be considered your contents, whereas items that stayed there even when the building was upside down would be regarded as part of the structure.
Once our SERVPRO technicians begin their initial testing and inspection process, we determine what items are damaged and which are not. We then figure out what things can be cleaned or otherwise restored and what things must be discarded and replaced.
In some cases, your furniture can get burned, and there is a chance that our SERVPRO crew can save the piece. If the charring on wooden parts of the furniture is not very deep, we can sometimes sand off the burnt surface down to the unaffected wood. We then can refinish the surface so that the item is brought back to what it was before the loss. If you ever suffer any fire or smoke damage, call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292 24 hours every single day.

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Choosing Professional Fire Restoration For Your Westlake Village Residence

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

One of the most devastating things that Westlake Village homeowners might ever get asked to face in their lives is a fire in their home.

Professional Fire Restoration

One of the most devastating things that Westlake Village homeowners might ever get asked to face in their lives is a fire in their home. One of the hardest aspects of it happening is witnessing the effects of this fire after it has happened. At first, walking through your home can feel overwhelming, and the need for professional fire restoration services is never more evident than at this trying time.

When you are trying to assess the fire damage present in your Westlake Village residence, you might not have the right knowledge or equipment to gauge the severity of the issues that you face or what needs to be done to correct the problems. Fortunately, this is not a situation that you have to contend with on your own. With our experienced SERVPRO team just a phone call away, you have all the help you can need on the other end of the phone.

Our team of professionals arrives at your home and walks through the damaged areas with you to help you pinpoint the areas that trouble you the most, and we do assessments of our own to determine what must occur to restore your home to preloss conditions fully.

The primary focus that we have upon arrival is sealing off weak points and exposed areas of your home. Considerable damage and widespread structural concerns (that are not simple patches) must get repaired or sealed off by a residential contractor before restoration work can get underway. Otherwise, your home remains at risk for external damages like unwelcome water and flooding.

To make this trying time as simple as possible, our management overseeing the restoration of your home works directly with your insurance company adjuster. This approach ensures that the appropriate work gets done to restore your home and saves you the trouble of dealing with it on your own.

While no one ever gets prepared for a fire in their home, it should be a little easier to manage with SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at your side helping you overcome its effects. Anytime you are facing a disaster in your home, do not hesitate to give us a call at (818) 991-6292.

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When Multiple Types of Damages Threaten Your Westlake Home Following A Fire

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire, Smoke, and Water All Contribute to the Need for Comprehensive Damage Cleanup in Westlake

Smoke & Fire Burned Elements and Water All Need Cleanup and Restoration after Significant Flare-Ups

Fires rarely have enough warning for you to prepare adequately. At the time of the fire, you are often far too preoccupied with getting everyone out safely, so the contents of your home are an afterthought. Even when the flames were not excessive or widespread in your home, the subsequent damages and lingering effects from extinguishing efforts indeed leave their mark on your property.
Your initial assessment of the fire damage to your Westlake house might seem a little overwhelming, but with the right restoration team, it does not have to be insurmountable to remedy. Our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained to handle all manner of fire damage, along with the appropriate tools and strategies necessary to successfully restore these effects.
When our technicians get dispatched to your home disaster, our priority is assuring that the damage does not get worse. The best way to accomplish this is to board up and tarp over holes and missing pieces of your homes exterior that the fire claimed or the extinguishing efforts damaged. Once the home gets safeguarded from further elemental damages, the thorough assessment can get underway. We can offer minor help in this regard, but in the case of extensive fire damage, a construction company should tackle the sealing of exterior openings.
As you might already know, firefighting requires high volumes of water to get sprayed onto the flames until they get entirely extinguished. The trouble with this is, this same high volume of pressurized water can cause damage to your home as well, especially considering that once it is inside it is trapped in the walls of your house. Restoring the water damage associated with extinguishment is a critical component to fire damage remediation, as allowing this water to persist invites worse symptoms, such as fungal growth.
This process begins with extraction. Typically, this procedure gets accomplished through truck-mounted pumps and wet-vacs (for more precise extractions). Drying the area requires the use of our air movers and dehumidification equipment. It pulls the moisture out of the air and dries out structural components and surfaces thoroughly to prevent compounding damage like the mold growth mentioned earlier.
People can experience all kinds of different devastating effects after a house fire, but you do not need to get overwhelmed. Our experienced technicians at SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills are always ready and willing to help. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (818) 991-6292.

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Fire Damaged Garages in Oak Park Stink Up Your Home and Keep Your Vehicles in the Fading Sun

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a garage can certainly prevent its use. Contact SERVPRO when facing fire damage in any part of the home including the garage.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Respond Quickly to Your Call After a Fire

A fire can happen anywhere inside an Oak Park home, including the garage. A fire affecting other areas can keep residents from using their home while a fire in the garage only affects those items, including your vehicle, stored there. Not only do you need to address the problem of damage to your garage and home, but your vehicle requires protection for the hot California sun.

Many disasters can happen to a home, but fire damage in Oak Park can spread caustic fumes and harsh chemicals to almost every corner of your home. This is especially the case when the garage is attached to the home instead of standing on its own. The enclosed area of a garage can force soot under the door and into your home, where it spreads out even more.

The technicians from SERVPRO receive ongoing training in the latest techniques and methods, so they understand the most effective methods for your unique situation. When fire strikes at your home, restoring your home, or in some cases, your garage, becomes a priority. We share that viewpoint and work as rapidly as possible.

Our work includes cleaning and restoring areas wherever smoke traveled. Burning tires create some of the densest, blackest smoke possible. People who enter areas where a fire produced this kind of smoke can experience breathing difficulties long after firefighters extinguished the fire. The continuous stream of gases given off by this black soot not only smells terrible but easily irritate both a person's airways and their eyes.

The ability of this thick soot to deeply embed itself into upholstered furniture and carpeting, as well as harder, less porous materials, means we must apply several methods to ensure we completely remove all traces of it from your home. Restoring your home, garage, and property happens simultaneously. We work in teams to accomplish this, substantially reducing the time involved.

Our employees hold certificates from the IICRC in Odor Control (OCT) and Fire and Smoke Restoration (FSRT), meaning our customers receive comprehensive services that address all their needs after fire damage affects their home.

When your home, garage or other property suffers fire damage, call SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills at (818) 991-6292 for the latest techniques in restoration science. We are here to help you and your family recover from minor and extensive losses.
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Professional Fire Damage Recovery In Calabasas

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Your Dream Home and Fire & Smoke Damage--SERVPRO Can Help with the Cleanup and Restoration

Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Cleanup and Restoration

If you have suffered fire damage, it is hard to wait for expert help to perform the cleanup. Like many Calabasas residents, you really want to jump in and start attacking the soot and smoky residues. Dealing with moot and smoke damage is not like ordinary cleaning, however, and making a mistake can result in double the trouble.

It is true that the faster fire damage in Calabasas is addressed the better. Smoke and soot are incredibly corrosive, and your belongings may be permanently discolored or etched if cleanup delays. That is why we pledge availability to help our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, year round.
What can you safely do while you wait for our help? If the fire department has authorized you to return to the home, call us first and then carefully disconnect appliances and turn off the HVAC system. Leave any burned or melted cords alone. Locate valuables and documents and store them away from the burned area. If there is room in your freezer, placing them there is a good idea. Lift furniture legs and place foil beneath to protect from water damage. Keep pets and children out of the area. While you attend to these initial tasks, SERVPRO arrives within hours of your call, ready to get to work.
If the fire was extinguished by water, as is typical, the first matter we address is water removal and damage. Although fire damage also requires fast action, water damage has the potential to deteriorate everything it touches. We remove standing water and extract moisture after ensuring no risk of electrical shock remains.When the air movers and dehumidifiers, possibly powered by the SERVPRO truck, are positioned, it is time to commence the fire damage assessment and cleanup.
Light soot and ash respond well to dry sponging and vacuuming. Heavier residues may need a spray and wipe approach with SERVPRO cleaning products. Sticky and heat-sealed residues may need an abrasive cleanser and a scraper or textured sponge for removal. Although cleaning needs may be most apparent in the room where the fire started, smoke and soot float throughout your home. We inspect the entire house because of this characteristic. If the heating or cooling system operated during the fire, you can count on the effects being spread everywhere, and we may need to perform duct cleaning in addition to other tasks.
A single call to (818) 991-6292 places the skill and experience of the SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills team at your disposal. We are eager to help and work with your insurance and authorities to get you back into your home fast.

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Homeowners In Calabasas Receive Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Careful Attention When Cooking in a Calabasas Kitchen Helps Prevent Fire Damage--Says SERVPRO

Count on SERVPRO to Cleanup the Mess After a Fire to Your Calabasas Property

Fire damage is a common problem for every homeowner, including those of us living in Calabasas. Accidents often occur as fast as you can blink, making it vital for you to have access to qualified professionals that can help you recover quickly.

If you find yourself facing fire damage in your Calabasas area home, help is not as hard to find as you may think. There are many local resources designed to assist homeowners with finding the help they need during an emergency. Your insurance company, for instance, can point you towards a qualified professional they have had success with using in the past.  SERVPRO is a preferred provider of fire damage cleanup services for many carriers and local agencies.

Most household fires occur due to accidents in the kitchen, which makes cooking concentration a key benefit for avoiding fires. Never let yourself become distracted by others while preparing a meal, your safety and the safety of others may be in jeopardy if you do. SERVPRO technicians can provide you with a variety of tips and recommendations that help prevent kitchen fires altogether.
Other homeowners have problems with electrical wiring or portable heaters while others experience a fire due to misuse or neglect. Always check the wiring on electronic devices before plugging them into a wall socket, sparks are hard to see, especially during the day and can lead to catastrophic events that you would be better off avoiding. SERVPRO has a home inspection process designed to detect hidden problems, using a trained eye to locate issues you may have missed.

The fire and smoke residues left behind affect surfaces in a variety of ways, often causing additional damages long after the flames go out. With a qualified professional on your side, it may be possible to recover or restore many items and minimize your losses. SERVPRO has IICRC-certified technicians available 24/7, ready to assist day or night. You never have to wonder where to find the help you deserve.

SERVPRO of Agoura provides quality restoration services to residents throughout Hidden Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village. Call to begin your home’s recovery, today. (818) 991-6292

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Smoke Residue and Removal

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

Draperies and couches can be treated for smoke damage rather than replaced. Call SERVPRO to assess your damage ASAP!

Different Types of Residues Call for Specific Approaches in Removal

Most of the property loss from a fire is due to smoke rather than the actual heat. More draperies, curtains, clothing and furniture is thrown out every year due to discoloration and soot damage than is ever lost to flames. Depending on the type of smoke residue, however, it is possible to save many items from the trash.

SERVPRO has the expertise and training to restore items covered in smoke residue from fire damage in Calabasas. For purposes of cleaning, smoke residue is considered either dry or wet. It is determined by three things in a fire: The rate of combustion, the amount of oxygen present and the type of material or substance that burned.

Fast burning, oxygen-rich fires with natural materials (dry wood, paper, and natural fibers) create dry smoke and residue. Specifically, that means it is powdery and doesn't leave a residue that smears and feels 'greasy' if you touch it. Slow burning, oxygen-poor fires leave a wet smoke, especially if the material burned is synthetic (e.g. foam rubber and plastics).

Dry smoke is easier to clean up and items covered in dry smoke residue such as furniture are much simpler to restore. Since the smoke is generated from natural materials, there are fewer aerosols to deal with. Dry smoke also does not stain surfaces as thoroughly as wet smoke, and the odor from dry smoke is not as strong as the odor generated from the wet smoke. Thanks to all this, our technicians can use less aggressive techniques, tools and cleaners with dry smoke.

Wet smoke always has at least one liquid component; often some solvent or varnish. This gives it a higher amount of aerosol which makes the smoke residue harder to remove. Since this is a slower burning fire, air is not circulated as quickly, and the wet smoke has more time to work itself into crevices and discolor plastic materials and furniture finish. Because of this, our technicians will need to use more aggressive tools and cleaners to try and restore furniture and other property. If the wet smoke has soaked into property for 24 hours, then it may not be possible for us to recover and restore any of it.

Rain is finally coming to California now, but the threat from smoke damage is still present. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills stands ready to help our neighbors with their needs. If you need our services, call us today at (818) 991-6292.

Professional Cleanup Service for Fire Damage

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The aftereffects of Calabasas fire damage can be every bit as potentially fatal as the fire itself.

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Fires can strike quickly and when you least expect it. When you are dealing with the disastrous consequences of fire damage, it's important to know that you can call upon the services of a professional local cleanup and restoration service.

Dealing With the Aftereffects of Calabasas Fire Damage
The aftereffects of Calabasas fire damage can be every bit as potentially fatal as the fire itself. Even after the fire is out, other issues should be considered that might remain on your property and pose a threat later. For example, it simply isn't enough to extinguish the fire. Noxious fumes and other poisonous vapors can remain behind and may cause serious health problems if left unchecked.

Meanwhile, debris left behind at the scene of the fire may cause injuries to those who attempt to remove it without the proper knowledge and experience required to deal with such dangerous material. Even after all the debris is cleared away and the smoke has been dealt with, structural instability may remain in the building that an average cleaning crew may not be able to detect. The thought of facing an unforeseen roof or wall collapse ought to be enough to ensure that you hire a professional restoration crew to ward off such disasters before they have a chance to happen.

What Happens When You Contact Us for Service
After you contact us with your emergency, we will send a team of friendly and knowledgeable cleanup and restoration technicians to your property. They will immediately begin a damage assessment and full estimate of what restoration will entail. If you agree with the assessment, we will begin cleanup work immediately.

Once we have cleared away debris and other harmful material, we will remove all remaining smoke and fumes from the building. We will clean up any stains or discolorations. During this time, we will also do a complete diagnostic check of your AC and water filtration systems to ensure that toxic mold or bacterial growth is not present.

The point of our service is to restore rather than replace your existing property. We will give our maximum effort to make sure that your building returns to its original pristine condition as quickly as possible. Every part of our service is guaranteed with a warranty of quality. Our service team members are fully qualified and experienced in the tasks they perform.

Contact Us at Any Time of the Day or Night
We are a locally owned and operated service that can be contacted at any time of the day or night. Whether you are dealing with Calabasas fire damage or damage in other areas, such as Oak Park or Westlake Village, we offer prompt and efficient assistance to solve your issues. SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills is available to assist you in your hour of need, so call us at (818) 991-6292.

Action After Agoura Fire Damage

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The Flames Fear SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration to Your Agoura Property

Agoura fire damage can be one of the most disastrous, devastating realities that residential property owners can encounter. Besides causing severe damage to the structure of your property, the flames and smoke can destroy your most valuable possessions. Additionally, fires can cause severe emotional stress. However, learning more about fire damage and how to obtain professional help can empower a homeowner to restore his property, limit anxiety, and resume a normal life. Learn more about these important matters by reviewing this quick reference guide:

Fire-Damaged Properties Are Dangerous
One thing that a homeowner should be cognizant of in the face of a fire is that the disaster leaves your living space exposed and unsafe. Thus to avoid compromising your safety, you should not enter the property right after the fire. It may have caused substantial damage to the property's foundation and structure, meaning that the structure could collapse when you attempt to go back in. Always check with the fire chief before entering.

You should also note that a fire-damaged home is often subject to collateral damage caused by water. The volumes of standing water on your property result from the extinguishing efforts of the fire department. This water will compound the flame, smoke, soot, and heat damage by wicking into building materials like drywall and furniture and carpeting. The results are tossing of unsalvageable items and a battle to prevent a mold infestation. It's important for you to hire a team of skilled fire damage remediation experts from SERVPRO immediately. An assessment followed by a plan of action can salvage many personal items and mitigate the loss in dollars and time.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process
When professional restoration experts come to your property, the first thing they will do is an assessment. This assessment will enable the specialists to determine the depth and scope of both superficial and severe damages. The technicians and field manager will thoroughly examine both the outside and inside of your property to determine which strategies and systems to implement for the restoration process. After this work is complete, they will begin with the cleaning and drying processes. Our industry leading professionals utilize equipment like water pumps, sump pumps, air movers, disinfectants, and dehumidifiers to complete this work.

More Fire Damage Restoration Services
In addition to completing the cleaning and drying work, the restoration specialists will remove water damaged-fabrics like rugs and carpets from the home. Some of the other restoration services provided can include vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, odor removal, smoke removal, deodorization, sanitation, and content restoration. Smoke and soot can be more problematic than the actual damage to the structure by the inferno.

When Agoura fire damage has wreaked havoc on your home, hiring a professional restoration company is a must. The best company to call for fast, effective remediation work is SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified professionals will utilize advanced methodologies and specialized equipment to get your property back into pre-loss condition. "Like it never even happened."

We’re Fire and Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of Agoura/Calabasas/Hidden Hills specializes in water and fire damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have extensive fire damage cleanup and restoration training to get your property back to pre-fire condition. We proudly serve the communities of Agoura, Calabasas, and Hidden Hills. Call us for 24/7 help. (818) 991-6292

Four Basic Steps for Fire Damage Restoration in Calabasas

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SERVPRO Says Be Alert For Wild Fires

Calabasas Fire Damage Restoration Steps by SERVPRO

When Calabasas fire damage has impacted your home, securing help for cleanup and restoration is strongly advised. There are many steps that a professional fire damage remediation company like SERVPRO will take to restore your property to its original condition.

1. Inspection And Evaluation. This process enables the fire damage restoration experts to determine the extent of your damages. We utilize a Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) technology to generate a room-by-room inventory listing. This categorizes all items and materials as salvageable, non-salvageable, or questionable. You and your insurance adjuster make the final determinations. This simplifies and aids for your contents settlement. With this information the contractors can give you a cost estimate and draft a detailed, customized strategic plan that outlines how the recovery work will be completed. But the first, and very urgent step, to mitigate losses is extracting standing water from the firefighting work. Smoke and soot damage will vary depending on the severity of the blaze.

2. Packing Out. Another important component of the Calabasas fire damage restoration process is packing out. Items like shoes, clothing, art, furniture and electronics will typically require restoration work. For this reason, contractors will document, pack up, and remove these materials from the property. They will be transported to our facility where the cleaning and restoration work will be completed. If the fire and smoke damage are minimal, the cleaning process can be completed on-site.

3. Structural Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration. Much of the fire and smoke damage restoration process will involve vacuuming, dry brushing and cleaning walls, carpets, and floors. Contractors will also complete deep cleaning work to eliminate all smoke damage. The remediation experts will utilize special solutions and equipment (foggers) to neutralize unpleasant smoke odors. The equipment will also help eliminate biological and chemical contaminants. Thermal generators, hydroxyl generators, and thermal foggers are some of the devices that will be used to restore the home if necessary.

4. Contents Restoration. These services involve deodorizing, cleaning, and preserving the property owner's furnishings on-site, without shipping out to the SERVPRO cleaning facility. Our technicians will offer restoration services for electronics, documents, and all other appliances and equipment subjected to fire damage. If sensitive computer equipment is involved, we can farm it out for specialized cleaning.

Call SERVPRO For Fast, Friendly Fire Damage Restoration Services
When a fire strikes on your Calabasas property, immediate action is wise and cost effective. Our trained technicians are certified by the IICRC, and also receive on-going training in the latest methods for cleaning. To get your home back in pre-loss condition and restore your peace of mind, call us.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We live and work in Calabasas too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Agoura/Calabasas/Hidden Hills is close by and ready to respond to your smoke or fire damage emergency. For 24/7 service call us. (818) 991-6292