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Hidden Hills Mold Damage--Can Cause Health Effects To Your Family

4/4/2016 (Permalink)

If you have a mold infestation in Hidden Hills, SERVPRO is only one call away.

The Risks of Mold Damage To Your Family's Home in Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills mold damage than exists in your home can create allergens that may cause many medical conditions to get worse. It impacts the breathing of many people and makes many more uncomfortable. The mold spores, from which molds come, are microscopic and can be anywhere, outside your home and inside. When they get inside is when they can impact the life and health of everyone that lives or visits there. The way they get inside is another thing that is so easy. That is the main reason calling a company that specializes in Mold Remediation in your home is so critical. 

Many homeowners believe they have molds when they smell the tell-tale signs of musty, earthy and, well, moldy odors. These often come from closets and other enclosed spaces. This mold comes into your house through water coming in from outside due to flooding or seeping into the foundation because of that flooding, heavy rains or a sewer connection that breaks free and seeps inside. Mold needs a couple of things in order to live and thrive as well as grow to take over as much room as you allow it to. 

As it is carried in the water, it can attach itself to walls, floors, furniture and hide where it cannot be seen until it is almost too late. The reason you need a professional company to deal with it is because of the dangers involved in cleaning it up. There are several steps that are required to be followed to do it correctly and these professionals follow those IICRC certified procedures for mold remediation.

The first step will be to locate all of the areas that Hidden Hills mold is present. This is done through a detailed inspection, conducted as one of the first things. This inspection will be accomplished throughout all living spaces as well as any storage areas. Much of this mold will be located behind and in between wall surfaces. Some of it will be attached to the drywall, itself. 

After all such locations are known, they are isolated. This is so that no mold spores, disturbed by the cleaning will get into the air stream and get passed to other spaces. The cleaning will be conducted at this partitioned area, and technicians wear special protective gear to prevent them from breathing in this material. Containment is crucial.

The building materials that are infected too badly by the mold are removed, as in torn out carefully, bagged and taken outside for disposal. This is so that this contaminated material will no longer be a danger to you and your family. After all of the spaces have been cleaned and sanitized; remove the barriers and special air movers are brought in to clear the air of any lingering smells or odors and spores left over. 

Finishing the project is the restoration of all surfaces back to the way when they got there. This means replacing any building materials that were torn out and all surfaces painted with the color they were. A final cleaning operation is conducted as a top down cleaning and sanitary preparation of all surfaces so you will not be endangered when you move back in. 

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When you smell that tell-tale odor in your Hidden Hills home, give SERVPRO of Agoura / Calabasas / Hidden Hills a call at (818) 991-6292 to remediate this risk from your home. 

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